With many of the trails hosting single track sections, multiple races and multiple loops, please do not bring a stroller onto any trail run courses. With that being said, please note the minimum age to participate in a Viking Dash Trail Run is 6.

Swim Safety Plan

Quite simply put: for everyone that enters the water get out of the water!  Safety is the top priority for America Multi-Sport.  We want our participants to experience, “Life Changing Finish Lines” so we are very diligent and passionate about swim safety.

Policies that make AMS Different:

  • All swim starts are time-trial after elite winner’s wave
  • Always exceed ratio for life-guards and safety personnel (1:25)
  • Other watercraft (boats, kayaks, etc.) are always on the course
  • Swim course design and set-up (buoys, counterweights)
  • GPS measured coursed to ensure course accuracy
  • Professionally certified Water Safety Personnel
  • Collaboration with Tom Leaird’s Underwater Service
  • Rescue diver always on course
  • 1st-Timers clinic and open water swim hosted evening prior to race
  • Ambulance positioned on beach at swim exit with lights on for safety and sighting
  • Throw bottle system to mark spot of “in danger” swimmers
  • 2-way radio communications between all safety personnel
  • Timing system pads at swim start and exit
  • Communication between Swim Director & Transition Director on Head/Bike counts
  • Emergency Action Plan communicated between all staff/volunteers

Race Fee Refunds

There are no refunds for athletes who withdraw or do not show up for a America Multi-Sport event.

Race Transfers

An athlete can transfer registration to a different distance within the same event.  Athletes must pay any price increases or race upgrades.  Athletes cannot roll a race over to the following year.

Transfer Policy

We understand that things come up and life sometimes gets in the way of your plans to race.  We have come up with some options for you the athlete to change your race plans.  Listed below is the information on transfers and how they can be completed.

If you have any questions please contact Darian at feedback@americamultisport.com

Same Athlete Switches within a race (i.e. Sprint to Olympic)

Athletes are allowed to switch to a different race distance within the same race day.  Most race days are going to have multiple races within the race (Sprint, Olympic, Duathlon, Aquabike, 5K, 10K, 13.1 etc.)  An athlete may complete this transfer through their confirmation email from Active.  There will be a $9 fee charged to the athlete’s account. This transfer must be complete by the Thursday before the race by 11:59PM.

Athlete Transfers their registration to another person (i.e. Mike Jones to Sarah Jones)

Athletes are allowed to transfer their registration to another athlete before race day.  An athlete may complete this transfer through their confirmation email from Active.  There will be a $9 fee charged to the athlete’s account! This transfer must be complete by the Thursday at 11:59 PM before the race.

Same Athlete Switch from One Race to Another  (i.e. Muncie May to Muncie September)

An athlete may transfer a registration from one race to another.  The athlete must email Darian at feedback@americamultisport.com and request a transfer.  This must be completed by 5PM on Wednesday of the week of the earliest race in the desired switch.  A code will be given to the athlete for 50% of the cost of race fee for the race being switched into.  The race must be the same type of race or the athlete will have to pay the price difference. The athlete will not be refunded the fee of the race they originally registered for and be cancelled from the original race.  All fees from Active and USA Triathlon are not under the control of America Multi-Sport and are non-refundable.

To edit your event information please follow these two options:

1.) Log into active.com and in the top right of the page hover over ‘Manage’ and select ‘My Events’.

2.) Next, find the race you would like to edit and choose an option.

Alternate Method: Use your race confirmation email to access the options.

USAT Membership

Each multi-sport participant is required to have a USAT Membership (either 1 day or annual) in order to race. Anyone without a confirmed USAT number or 1 day pass will not be allowed to race.

Cancellation of an Event

If a race is cancelled or delayed due to severe weather no refunds or credits will be issued.  America Multi-Sport also reserves the right to alter or cancel any portion of a race.

Timing Chip

Lost/stolen/swallowed by a bass fish in the lake: Either way; we reserve the right to charge your registration account $35 to replace it. Make sure you hand it back at the Finish Line!

Authorization for Photo/Video Use

Any pictures/videos captured of you on race weekend may be used by America Multi-Sport for promotional purposes.

Race size policy

If an event sub-category is less than 50 participants at the finish line: We will not offer AG awards

Post race mailings of SWAG:

We are happy to mail you just about anything from the race; awards, shirts, plaques…however; we ask you send an e-mail to feedback@americamultisport.com and we’ll require a check for $9.00 be sent for the shipping. You will have 2 weeks to request to pick up any awards, etc. Thanks!